The healthcare system in the United States is one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced in the world but it is becoming increasingly more complicated for doctors and patients to deal with. Increasing governmental regulations and corporate requirements by intermediary entities are making it difficult for the doctor and patient to interact so that the patient receives the medical care they need and want.  These multiple levels of administrative functions increase the cost of medical care and even the access to medical care. Concierge medicine simplifies the patient’s medical care and provides it with a predictable cost.

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Scope of Concierge Care

  • Comprehensive yearly physicals
  • Comprehensive patient visits when needed, which will not be rushed
  • Management of your overall health issues
  • Promptly scheduled appointments that start on time
  • Referrals to the best specialists in your area and around the country
  • In-depth health research
  • 24/7 availability of Dr. Trombley
  • Dr. Trombley’s undivided attention during each and every visit

Our practice model provides a limited number of patients to have direct access to their doctor for medical care and consultation. It allows patients the free choice of their physician, ability to see the doctor when they need without the concerns of immediate cash availability since they have already paid a set amount for unique access.  This allows procedures provided by the doctor and needed by the patient to be done based on need, not finances.  Pre-payment allows the patient to budget their medical costs for the year, eliminating surprises of unplanned illness expenses. The doctor is also less hurried in dealing with patients since the he has chosen to be available to a set number of individuals or families. 24/7 access allows the doctor more freedom to spend with his own family and personal needs while still being available to assist the patient with their medical needs.  Thus mutually agreeable office appointment times, 24/7 access to the doctor via phone/e-mail/Skype/face-time consultations during times outside of the physician’s regular office hours and it allows for longer appointment times.

Certain labs are available within the doctor’s office and the level of membership will determine whether or not they are included in the pre-paid fees or paid for at the time of the visit. Additional specialized testing to patients, including genetic testing, nutritional testing and weight loss management may also be available.

The use of electronic health records allows the doctor to have access to the patient’s medical records 24/7, regardless of where the patient and doctor are and allows the patient access to their own medical records using a unique secured Patient Portal. Should you need to be hospitalized, your private family physician will be available to oversee and act as liaison to the physicians providing in-hospital medical and surgical care, facilitating the exchange of medical records and working with your family through any difficult times.

Patient Benefits

Appointment scheduling
Because the physician will be treating a limited number of patients, the time the patient will have with the doctor will be unhurried and uninterrupted.  The reception area will be relaxed and comfortable and the staff will come to know you by name.

Access to the Physician
Using modern technology, the patient will be able to contact the doctor directly, not through an answering service.  By calling one number, the patient will be able to connect directly to the doctor’s personal phone.  Additionally, the patient will be able to leave a voice message, text, fax or email information directly to the doctor and using their smart phone may even Skype or Face Time the doctor.  All of this will be over secure connections, 24/7.

Annual Physicals, FAA and DOT examinations
Complete, comprehensive annual, FAA and privately paid for DOT physicals will be provided as being a member of the doctor’s Tier 1 or Tier 2 panels of patients. Additional labs and procedures are provided as described in the Tier’s details.

Special Testing Procedures
Access to specialized testing for genetic related risks, nutritional testing and weight loss management will be available and is anticipated to be added as the practice grows.  Some of these specialized testing procedures will need to be billed to the patient’s insurance as they will be outside the usual scope of the practice.

Insurance companies are designed to pay on a per visit basis.  You have paid the concierge fee on the first of each month, and any other costs for that visit at the time of the visit.  Your doctor’s visit is billed to the insurance company by our office.  The insurance company will then apply that charge either towards your deductible or, if your deductible has been met, will then be paid to the doctor for the payment for the visit.  See your contract for the details.

This program does not replace conventional health insurance.  The patient’s conventional health insurance is still necessary for all expenses not provided by this medical office, for example, lab work done by other laboratory services, x-rays, visits to specialists, hospital charges, etc.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended that all patients also be covered by an insurance plan designed to cover those issues..

Practice’s Fees
Payment for this concierge care shall be made  in accordance with the associated agreement.