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Alaska Private Practice is committed to serving patients who value their health and their physician.

Dr. Trombley's concierge medicine in Anchorage Alaska committed to medical excellence

Committed To Medical Excellence

Our Mission: To provide security and ease of mind to patients who value their health and their physician by proactively working to facilitate the early detection of illness, with the goals of increasing life expectancy, quality of life, and general overall patient satisfaction.

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Alaska Private Practice offers Concierge Medicine and is committed to serving patients who value their health and their physician.  In this type of practice, the physician limits his panel of patients to those who share these values.

The concept of Concierge medicine was formalized in 2003 with the establishment of the American Academy of Private Physicians.

Concierge medicine (sometimes referred to as retainer medicine) is a more personalized relationship between a patient and the physician in which the patient pays a flat annual retainer fee for medical care and services provided by their physician and for “as needed access” to their physician.

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